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Auxiliary Dues - Online Payments

Auxiliary members can now pay their yearly dues online.  Visit the link above and register on the website. Another advantage to paying on line and having a log-in to the Aux website is you can set up recurring payments for the annual dues and never get a renewal notice again or miss a renewal or have your key card locked out.

The renewal process begins in July for the upcoming membership year. Renewal notices are sent out in July, October, January, March and May. When a member renews, they are removed from future renewal notices for that year. There are times when a member pays their dues, but they still receive a renewal notice. If dues are paid to the local post, it takes a little longer for national to be notified about the renewal and the member may receive another renewal notice. If this occurs, please check with your local post to ensure they have received your dues.

A fair number of members have taken advantage of renewing on line.  There are a few things you should know about paying online. When you pay online, it takes a month or more for the local auxiliary membership officer to be advised that the payment was made.  Once notified, the officer then needs to mark the auxiliary unit's records (Master Roster List, individual index cards, and mail your new membership card) and then pass this information along to the Post so that your current membership and key card can be updated to reflect payment of dues for the year. 

If you pay online in October or November, it is fair to presume that information regarding your payment will reach the unit's membership officer before January 1.  In which case, your membership and key card should be updated by January 1.  However, if you pay online in December or January, this information, in in all likelihood, will not reach the unit membership officer until sometime after January 1.  By which time, your key card may be shut off.  Eventually, the information will reach the unit and be updated at the Post.  Although, paying online is quick and convenient, the best time to do so is prior to November 30.  Anytime after November 30th, you cannot be sure that the information will be processed before your key card is shut off. 


Remember:  You can always stop by the canteen and drop off your dues.


Thanks to so many of our members who have already paid their 2017 dues.


If you have any questions regarding Auxiliary dues, please feel free to contact Pam Harwood (440-930-5883).  I would be happy to try and answer any questions.

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